80s heartthrob Jan-Michael Vincent dies at age 74, TMZ reports


10 at a North Carolina hospital after suffering cardiac arrest, TMZ first reported, citing his death certificate.

Vincent, whose film credits include "Hooper" (opposite Burt Reynolds and Sally Field), "White Line Fever", and "The Mechanic" (opposite Charles Bronsons) passed away February 10 in Asheville, South Carolina, according to reports published Friday. His last onscreen appearance was in the 2002 thriller White Boy.

In the 80s, Vincent wound up with a cocaine addiction that caused Airwolf to be cancelled, and had a long-lasting affect on his film career in general.

He was reportedly paid $200,000 for each episode.

Vincent's career was launched when a talent agent spotted him just as he was finishing a stint in the National Guard, according to IMDb.

Vincent worked steadily throughout the '70s and '80s, including in the action hit "White Line Fever" (1975), in the cult-classic surfer film "Big Wednesday" (1978), and in the Burt Reynolds comedy hit "Hooper" (1978).

Vincent was a series regular on "The Survivors", a 1969 show starring Lana Turner.

Vincent struggled with addiction issues and in 2012 contracted a leg infection which ultimately resulted in the actor having the lower half of his right leg amputated.

Vincent lived with his third wife Patricia Ann who he married in 1999.