R. Kelly's alleged victim calls heated CBS interview an act


Trying to clean it up, Watters said, "I knew that. He's the whole master of this whole situation".

Parents Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage held a press conference on Wednesday to share similar concerns for their 23-year-old daughter, Joycelyn Savage, who they say they haven't seen since December 2016.

She also revealed that before she and Kelly sat down in front of the CBS camera crew, she went to his apartment in Trump Tower Chicago to meet him.

Both families have denied asking Kelly for money.

Gayle King made the history books (again) with one word to R. Kelly: "Robert..."

Kelly, 52, has consistently denied any allegations of abuse of women or being sexually involved with underaged girls and reiterated that in his interview with King.

Asante McGee, who dated the "Ignition" singer from 2014 to 2016 after meeting at a club, said she wasn't surprised by her ex's explosive outburst during the CBS sit-down that aired this week.

"We have never received a penny from R. Kelly".

R. Kelly is back in custody after law enforcement officials arrested the "I Admit" singer for unpaid child support.

Joycelyn's parents say they haven't seen their daughter in over two years.

"Never in my entire life met Mr. Kelly".

Watters put his head in one hand and said: 'I knew that.' Later in the show, he held up a whiteboard apologizing to both King and Roberts. "Following up about how he couldn't believe people didn't believe him well go, You're out 2 o clock in the morning, you're getting a sandwich, and you won't give up your phone". "How can you tell another father to trust the process, but you rappin" and ravin' on TV that you wanna see your kids, but you won't allow me to see my own daughter?

"I can tell that someone is listening to the calls. I cannot think of another case where there is this anger on so many sides, and you can understand why there would be". And she calls with a... script. 'Momma, I told you I'm happy.

Kelly was indicted last month on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, and his attorney pleaded not guilty on his behalf to the charges. If I'm too light on him, it's like because you're in the community you are giving him a pass. She still struggles with what her daughter says she experienced.

"Not only he'd been acquitted of the charges, but I felt comfortable because at the time, I wish I didn't, but I separated the artist from the man", she said.