Berliners get day off for Women's Day


To honour women rights and appreciate women in our lives, the I global W omen's day is widely celebrated across the world on March 8 every year.

"It's essential to demonstrate and more in a day like women's day because there are still a lot of gaps and problems in society that women face and need to overcome".

The group also called for an end to the perpetuation of "stereotypes about toxic-romantic love", and suggested that judges, police officers and social workers be required to receive "feminist training".

International Women's Day is to some extent a German idea, and this year the country's capital city is marking it as a public holiday for the first time.

In August 1910, an International Socialist Women's Conference was organized to precede the general meeting of the Socialist Second International in Copenhagen, Denmark, which was attended by women hailing from more than 17 countries. "We have to make sure that more is done against domestic violence, especially against women". Purple has in recent years been a signature color of women's rights protesters. "We need to ensure that women cannot only be active in leadership positions, but in every profession".

Thousands are expected to take to the streets in Berlin Friday with the slogan: "Celebrate, strike, fight on", according to DW. Join a union. That might seem a bit abstract, but it's not at all.

Mayor Michael Müller and his cabinet have no official events planned for today, Deutsche Welle says - which may simply mean they are taking the day off work too.