Gayle King reveals what went through her mind during R. Kelly's outburst


I went by myself for the first time to Bank of America. "I don't know how to hogtie people!" Kelly denies the allegations.

Kelly told CBS he has been in financial difficulties because "so many people" who had access to his bank account have stolen from him.

Kelly was indicted last month on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse - a Class 2 felony - involving four alleged victims.

The new indictment accuses Kelly of sexual acts with three girls older than 13 but younger than 17. The charges include three purported victims who were allegedly minors at the time.

Kelly's attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Kelly has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing.

The network also plans to air interviews with two women who are now living with Mr Kelly, including one whose parents said she was being held against her will.

King, 64, conducted an interview with Kelly, 52, about the abuse charges he's facing. A videotape given to prosecutors in his current case purports to show Kelly having sex with a girl who repeatedly says she's 14. "And they're just very upset". "We have our moments where we sit and watch movies all together, we go to amusement parks all together". King then asked whether they have a "three-way sexual relationship" with the singer, but the women shied away from answering.

"First of all, I'm not here to talk about my personal life", Clary said. But I was never anxious he was going to hurt me.

"Both our parents are basically out here trying to get money and scam, because they didn't agree on what happened, you know, with music or whatever it could be", she said.

She said Clary's account was true.

In a tearful interview broadcast on Thursday, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage (aged 21 and 23, respectively) accused their own parents of trying to extort money from the performer.

"There's nothing I felt sorry about him for because I know the type of monster he is, and I know he would cry at the drop of a dime", McGee said of the interview.

Clary denies she had sex with Kelly until she was 18 years old.

CBS said it interviewed Kelly for 80 minutes.

In a later tweet, Avenatti called Kelly a "sociopath".

Kelly was in the same jail almost two weeks ago when he was arrested on criminal sex abuse charges.

"What kind of father, what kind of mother would sell their daughter to a man?"

"They are lying on me", Kelly said.

The attorney for Savage's parents, Gerald Griggs, said at a Wednesday press conference in Atlanta that the family has also never received money from Kelly, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

At one point, Kelly began crying and stood up, yelling at King.

The interview was aired a day after King interviewed R. Kelly on CBS, during which he exploded with rage at the accusations.