Turbulance injures at least 25 on flight into NY


The FDNY later tweeted that 32 passengers were being treated for injuries that were not life-threatening.

The Boeing 777 had taken off from Istanbul with 326 passengers and 21 crew members. The jetliner reportedly hit turbulence just before landing.

The airline didn't immediately respond to request for comment.

Bloody ceilings and fallen panels were the result of the extreme turbulence.

Severe turbulence on a flight between Istanbul and NY has injured 30 passengers. Two people were taken to Queens Hospital Medical Center.

The 10 passengers sent to a local hospital included a child and one with a possible broken leg, he said. Numerous remaining injuries were cuts and bruises.

The Turkish Airlines transfer will be an enormous operation to move aircraft and equipment that could take almost 48 hours to complete.

Turkish Airlines, the airline whose top priority is safety and passenger well-being, is deeply saddened by this unfortunate experience, and closely monitors the health status of injured passengers, and is making resources available to them.

In connection with the transition to the new airport of the flights of Turkish airlines on April 6 will be cancelled.

The exact cause of the turbulence is unknown, but it could be weather-related. This scenario didn't happen, which is the reason that passengers were not prepared when the turbulence struck.

It was the second incident at a major New York-area airport on Saturday.