James Corden pranking David Beckham with a fake statue is brutally awkward


Beckham believed he was getting a sneak peak at a statue dedicated to him by former club LA Galaxy, and was being filmed by the club's video team for the occasion, but instead saw a deliberately bad statue of him not knowing it was made by Corden.

What should have been the ultimate honor became the ultimate nightmare for David Beckham during an epic prank led by none other than late-night talk-show host James Corden.

Honestly though, the fake one is probably worth far more now than the real one ever will be.

At the reception, one "exec" kept referring to the Man United legend's time at Man City - his former club's bitter rivals - while continuously calling him "Dave" which, as Corden was informing on a hidden earpiece, he hates.

Chris Klein, one of Beckham's former LA Galaxy teammates and club president, was in on the prank as a video package of Beckham's Galaxy highlights showed some of his lowlights, too.

The real Beckham statue was unveiled on March 2.

"It's slightly different than what it was when I saw it in Chicago", said Beckham, struggling to be polite. "I mean, look at my chin".

"I really don't see how this can go out", he continued, panic slowly starting to set in as he realized the public would soon see it in its permanent place outside the stadium. I mean, look at my eyes. "Look how long my arms are".

"The only thing that's good is the hair", he added.

The football icon was lost for words when he first saw his unflattering statue's face, telling people around him that he looks like "Stretch Armstrong". "There's no way that can go at the front of the stadium, it's embarrassing".

By the end, a forklift accidentally knocked the fake statue over, breaking it and having Beckham tell the driver he did him a favor.

Then Corden comes out and reveals he's behind the entire stunt.