New Zealand PM backs students climate change strike | #112834


The demonstrations are part of a broader grassroots movement started by Swedish student Greta Thunberg when she started skipping class to sit outside government buildings in September, accusing her country of not following the Paris Climate Agreement.

After her first year 11 maths exam, Aisheeya will be getting the train from Western Sydney to Town Hall Station to take part in Sydney's instalment of the strikes. We miss school not because we want to, but because we have no other alternative to have our voices heard by our government.

The rapid implementation of the entire Citizens' Assembly suite of recommendations on climate change is also demanded by the students, as well the policy changes to ensure a reduction in emissions from agriculture. "With our futures at stake, we call for radical legislative action to combat climate change and its countless detrimental effects on the American people". "Even that you leave to us children", she told those present.

"There's so much research going on showing what the world will look like, so many cities and countries will go underwater".

Being a member of the Student Climate Action Network and a graduate of the Student Climate Leadership Program run by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, I worked alongside numerous people to help organise and facilitate the day.

"It's being addressed by people who are the last people who can change it and the people who are being affected by it the most", he said. Early this week, Hirsi tweeted about the importance of recognizing that indigenous leaders, not young white students, have been leading climate activism long before these hashtags.

"When you have privilege it's important to speak up". After the talks, there will be materials provided for attendees to write letters and postcards to legislators, urging action on climate change initiatives like The Green New Deal, which calls for investments in green businesses and jobs, and a shift to 100 percent clean energy nationwide by 2030. "Because if we don't get it, and no one does it for us, then we'll never get anything done". Importantly they are learning key communication skills - how to craft a message and how to communicate with political leaders, the media, parents, and other young people. Now they are just debating how fast or what we need to do.

The flood hit after an extended period of drought, and Tully says it's helped to shape conversation in city that is "quite divided on the issue of climate change".

"We, the undersigned members of the academic community, want to show our support for students who are striving for climate change and for all those who stand for the future of our planet" says the letter of support.

Some of the primary school students from last November's student strike for climate change.