Son's heartbreaking post about dad's new donut shop goes viral


By's tweet amassed 275,000 retweets and 593,000 likes in short order and, as he announced less than 24 hours after the initial tweet, Billy's donuts had sold out of glazed and topped donuts, cinnamon rolls, and kolaches.

People in the area or those planning to travel to Texas can stop by Billy's Donuts at 7022 Highway 6, Suite 800, Missouri City.

A single tweet by the son of the owner of a newly opened mom-and-pop doughnut store in Texas helped bring in scores of customers and sell out items over the weekend.

According to By he was anxious about his father not attracting customers and didn't think the tweet would go viral.

Billy's Donuts was struggling until owner's son tweeted about his "sad dad".

When Billy first made the post, "Billy's Donuts" reportedly had 71 followers on Instagram; now, it has over 59,000.

Later that day, By posted a new photo of him and his father grinning from behind the counter, with very few pastries in the display case. He also put up a picture of his dad who looked visibly sad about no one visiting their cute little shop.

He wrote: "Just wanted to update yall!" I can't thank everyone enough for coming out and supporting local businesses. The kindness that took place on Twitterati, could not go amiss by the official Twitter account too.

"You are all incredible", By tweeted. The tweet has got so much response that even good folks of Twitter have said they will drop by the shop to buy doughnuts from there.