'Disgusting': Politician Denounced for Blaming Mosque Shootings - Which Killed 49 - on Muslims


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called an Australian senator's comments on the Christchurch mosque shootings "disgusting". Fraser Anning in a written statement.

At the event in Moorabbin, on Saturday, a man can be seen smashing an egg over the senator's head as he was speaking at a press conference. The teen splats an egg on the back of Anning's head, filming the whole thing with his phone, which prompted Anning to spin around and throw a punch at the kid.

A young man has been arrested for egging Queensland senator Fraser Anning during a political meeting the day after he blamed the Christchurch terror attacks on immigration.

An online fundraiser for the Melbourne teenage boy who egged Senator Fraser Anning has soared into the five figures.

The 17-year-old's motives for egging the senator are not immediately clear, but he was quickly dubbed #EggBoy on social media and is getting worldwide praise for what many are seeing as him standing up against Islamophobia and racism.

The Victoria Police did not identify the young man but said they released him after taking his details.

A senator from Queensland in Australia, Fraser Anning was globally criticised after blaming Christchurch mosque shooting on increasing immigration into New Zealand.

Watch Senator Fraser Anning Egged By 17-Year-Old At A Local Event- WORLD OF BUZZ
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Far-right agitator Neil Erikson was controlling access to the building. Police are investigating the possibility that other suspects may have been involved.

"I do wonder if he's made Australians less safe overseas", he told reporters in Melbourne.

Lawmakers within Australia's conservative government had been quarreling in recent weeks over whether the firebrand commentator should be allowed to tour Australia this year.

Asked about the incident at a press conference today, federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said both the teenager and Senator Anning had done "the wrong thing".

Labor frontbencher Tony Burke described Senator Anning's comments as "hate speech", and told the ABC "the normalisation of bigotry is something that is not only confined to him".

News.com.au political reporter Sam Clench wrote: "The Australian senator now spewing racist garbage in response to the New Zealand mosque attack got 19 votes at the last election. And he issued it when people are grieving", he said, adding that "our prayers are with the victims and their families".