Unvaccinated children face public space ban in NY measles outbreak


A whopping 314 reported cases of measles have been confirmed as of March 21 compared to 374 cases confirmed in all of 2018, according to the CDC. Most of the affected kids had not received a vaccination.

The outbreak has mainly been isolated in a couple of communities within Rockland County, which is just north of New York City, but the whole community is at risk, he said, noting that there have been complications among patients, including a premature labor and a handful of hospitalizations.

"If I did it three months ago, I'd be told I was overreacting; if I do it three months from now, I'd be told I'm taking my time", Day said of his decision to declare a state of emergency now.

Due to come into effect at midnight Wednesday for 30 days, it appears to be the most radical step by USA officials following outbreaks in several regions blamed on an anti-vaccination movement. All other minors are banned from civic centers, worship houses, malls, schools and restaurants. Some people are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons, and those people will be exempt.

Day noted that this is the first effort of its kind nationally. At the time, many of its details, including how it would be enforced, were unclear.

"There will not be law enforcement or deputy sheriffs asking for vaccination records". Parents will be held accountable if they are found to be in violation of this State of Emergency, and the focus of this effort is on the parents of these children.

According to county officials, public places are defined as: a place where more than 10 persons are meant to congregate for purposes such as civic, governmental, social, or religious functions, or for recreation or shopping, or for food or drink consumption, or awaiting transportation, or for daycare or educational purposes, or for medical treatment.

The county is now experiencing its longest outbreak since 2000, with most of the cases involving members of the Orthodox Jewish community.

Rockland County has a population of more than 300,000. Most of the cases now are clustered in eastern Ramapo, home to a high percentage of haredi Orthodox Jews. A total of 30 MMR shots were given out during Wednesday's clinic.

As The Washington Post's Reis Thebault reported, public health officials there barred unvaccinated children from attending schools with vaccination rates lower than 95 per cent.

The new legislation was introduced following a surge in measles cases - now officials in Italy say that the vaccination rates have improved since it was brought into action. This will help the facility take steps to ensure others won't be exposed to the virus. Public health officials are likely keeping a close eye on Rockland County's latest order to see how well it works.

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There is no scientific link between vaccines and autism, according to the Centers for Disease Control.