Make $19K staying in bed for 60 days through this study


NASA and the European Space Agency are offering $19,000 to subjects willing to spend 60 consecutive days lying in bed. This centrifuge is being used to recreate Earth's gravity during the first joint long-term bed rest study between ESA and U.S. space agency NASA into the potential of artificial gravity in mitigating the effects of spaceflight.

Essentially, researchers are looking to better understand the effects of long-term weightlessness on the body.

Study participants, who will also spend a total 19 days preparing and recovering from the bed portion of the study, will be paid $19,000, officials said. Phase 2 will be conducted by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) from September through December in Cologne, Germany.

The 12 male and 12 female participants - who will receive about $18,500 each - must eat, exercise and shower while in a head-down tilt position, as doing so duplicates numerous effects astronauts face in a low-gravity environment.

One group will be spun around in an artificial gravity chamber, and the control group will not spin. "What surprised me the most: after a few days my body got used to the bed rest, it was much easier than I had imagined". Those who participate in the study will reportedly receive several rewards, including an expense allowance of 16,500 Euros.

A volunteer in a bed rest study in a bed angled 6 degrees below the horizontal.

The participants must all speak German, should be healthy and should be between 24 and 55 of age.

A full 60 of those days will be on bedrest.

As UPI reports, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), in conjunction with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), are undertaking an Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study (AGBRESA). They are hoping to test it out on two-thirds of the study participants each day.

According to translated reviews from participants and workers in other parts of this study, the team is constantly looking after your well-being and cooking nutritious food for your body. You can impress friends and employers with your discipline and perseverance, it notes.