Death Penalty for People Taking Selfies With The Plane Above


Actually there is no risk if anyone takes selfie but a report revealed the tourist use drones and laser pens on the beach which may distract pilot.

It's a bucket list item for many tourists who travel to Thailand.

The beach's proximity to the airport means it is a popular haunt for people who want to snap a few sandy selfies with the planes that loom large overhead as they come in to land.

"Under the initial guidelines discussed, we are setting up a safety zone, which will be categorised as a strictly prohibited area that does not allow people and tourists to take pictures", the spokesperson said.

But airport chiefs warned last week that tourists were in danger of causing crashes and announced plant to shut off a section of the beach to stop pilots becoming distracted.

According to the Phuket International Airport website, the airport has a capacity of handling 24 flight operations per hour, and operates 24 hours a day. With the maximum penalty being a death sentence.

If found guilty then he/she will be punished under the Air Aviation Act 1978 which provides a life sentence, or a jail term of between five to 20 years.

Mai Khao beach isn't the only location in the world where selfie-snapping tourists have been a problem.

In an interview with the Post, airport chief Wichit Kaeothaithiam said more strict regulations must be applied to the area as mandated by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

They're so serious, that people caught taking photos inside the airport's newly-built safety zone near Mai Khao beach could face the death penalty.

"Whilst we want to maintain tourism revenue in the area, it is important that we ensure the safety of the planes as well as visitors to the beach", said Wichit.