The Addams Family (2019) Trailer Breakdown | Trailer Pick Tuesday


The vocal cast seems to be giving it their all, but even folks as talented as Charlize Theron (as Morticia) and Oscar Isaac (as Gomez) can't erase the memory of Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston's pitch-perfect turns in the same role. This morning, MGM released the first trailer for the upcoming animated reboot, and it is full of Addams' satirical gags. Finally, Nick Kroll and Bette Midler will bring the rest of the Addams clan to animated life as Uncle Fester and Grandmama.

The style of the animated characters harkens back to original comic strip The Addams Family by cartoonist Charles Addams. Next came a famous 1960s live-action TV show, and a couple of star-laden movies in the "90s brought the unconventional family to life again".

Just be ready to snap your fingers to their classic tune.

The Addams Family is set to return to the big screen. In fact, there's a whole section at the beginning filled with stick figures to explain how the Addams differ from other people you've met in your lifetime.

Directed by Sausage Party's Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, The Addams Family sees the Addamses planning for a massive family function, while dealing with reality TV host Margaux Needler (Allison Janney), who is "consumed with a desire for absolute suburban pastel perfection." Ick. The worldwide trailer doesn't use the stick figure intro and is arguably more impressive for dropping us straight into the morbid world of the Addams family. Watch the official teaser, then let us know your opinions in the comments section below.