Google launches its drone home delivery service for Australians


Having begun tests in Australia in 2014, Wing has been delivering food, household items and medicines to homes in Fernleigh Park, Bonython and Royalla, with the service's arrival in Canberra signalling an incoming widespread deployment.

Citing data from am AlphaBeta study, Project Wing said estimates showed that, at scale, drone delivery could add $30 million to $40 million in annual revenue for ACT businesses.

Wing Chief Executive Officer James Ryan Burgess was quick to respond to the noise complains regardless and said that the company has taken the issue into consideration and developed a quieter drone, which has been approved for use by the aviation authority and will be demonstrated to the residents soon. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority had been in the process of assessing the safety of the drones which has now been granted.

There are conditions attached: the drones can only fly at certain times, they can't fly over main roads, and they need to stay at a safe distance from people.

In the next few months it will expand the drone delivery service to homes in Harrison and Gungahlin.

The agency decided past year that large-scale commercial package delivery operations by drones would need to meet the same safety and economic certification standards as other licensed U.S. airlines. We look forward to continuing this dialogue with the Canberra community as we expand Wing's service.

And Wing's drones also have to obey a curfew, as they are only allowed to fly between 7am and 8pm on Monday to Friday.

Wing has been testing its drones in the region for the past year and a half, and according to CASA the flying machines have "satisfied us that their operation meets an acceptable level of safety".

Currently, the internet giant is only operating its drone delivery service in parts of the USA with trials set to start in the United Kingdom.