Failure to Deliver Brexit Led to Huge Frustration in The UK


May also wants the European Union to grant a delay to Brexit, which is due to take place.

Even the Conservative Party lawmaker said Britain could utilize its time that was continued in the EU place to veto budget increases, block the creation of an EU military, from joining the EU, and also to keep more nations.

The election of Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister would be just as bad for United Kingdom banks as a no-deal Brexit, Citigroup has warned.

Downing Street says May will fly Berlin Tuesday to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel, then on to Paris. Some Macron, are exhausted of the Brexit melodrama and reluctant to prolong it. He described the delay to Brexit as "political death" and urged May to avoid taking part in the European elections.

Hunt, a Brexit convert and Tory leadership hopeful, said passing the European Union withdrawal bill remained a priority for the government, as reports suggested leading cabinet members were happy for May to stay in office until the autumn if she failed to get her deal through parliament.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the new Brexit Party, says his anti-EU group will mirror UKIP on policies, but when it comes to personnel there will be a "vast difference", with no far-right faction.

There have been no results up to now, although as a final resort, May has started cross-party talks with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

May and Corbyn will continue talks this week after the prime minister secured an extension to the Article 50 deadline on Wednesday.

"What the prime minister has to do now is aim everything towards departure before the euros (European elections) which would then allow her to step away having done what she said she would do - get the United Kingdom out of the European Union one way or the other", he told Sky News.

"The finance minister said the government, which is engaging in talks with the opposition Labour party to try and agree changes to Theresa May's Brexit deal that would be acceptable to both sides, was opposed to a 'people's vote".

Johnson states in an tweet:"We should not agree to become non-voting members of the European Union, below the stunt signaled by Jeremy Corbyn - it can not, must not and won't happen".