Mueller's Report Is Likely to Be Released on Thursday, DOJ Says


Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec did not provide a precise time, but said the report, which Barr has described as almost 400 pages long, will be released both to Congress and the public. "Before seeing its contents, Nunes labeled Mueller's report a "partisan document" and said "we can just burn it up, ' even as most of Trump's supporters were celebrating the news - as described publicly by Barr - that Mueller "did not establish" a conspiracy between the campaign and the Russian government". Trump has repeatedly railed against the investigation as a "witch hunt", and a "hoax", invented to discredit him.

As a Trump appointee, Barr has been under pressure from Democrats to release the report without redactions. Analysts urged caution, however, suggesting that while the contacts with Russian Federation might not have risen to the level of a crime, the full report may still detail behaviour and financial entanglements that raise questions about Trump's curious pattern of deference to Russia's president, Vladimir Putin. will provide details of the report once it becomes public.

Barr, a Trump appointee, has pledged to be as transparent as possible.

The Department of Justice and special counsel's team have reportedly been working on redacting information such as grand jury testimony, classified information, and materials related to ongoing investigations.

As Washington D.C. politicians brace themselves for the expected release of special counsel Robert Mueller's full report, the White House reportedly only has a "bare-bones" plan in place for handling the document: Speed reading the nearly 400-page redacted report and zeroing in on two unanswered questions.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee that is probing the election, told CNN on Sunday that Barr should release the full report and underlying investigatory evidence to his panel, but Barr has balked.

But the special counsel found there was evidence "on both sides of the question" of whether Trump obstructed justice and that his probe didn't "exonerate" the president, Barr wrote. "And we need to see them and the public needs to see them".

One key question the report may answer is why Mueller decided not to make a recommendation one way or the other on whether to charge Trump with obstructing justice.

This means full analysis of the report will come out on Friday.