Trump vetoes Yemen War Powers Resolution, his 2nd since taking office


An worldwide charity says President Donald Trump's veto of a congressional resolution to end United States military assistance for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen "will only mean more suffering and death".

"This resolution is an unnecessary, risky attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities", the statement continued, "endangering the lives of American citizens and fearless service members, both today and in the future".

The move marked the second time that Trump has used his veto power to reject a bill from the legislature.

Neither the 247-175 tally in the Democratic-majority House nor the 54-46 vote in the Republican-led Senate would be enough to override the veto, which would require two-thirds majorities in both chambers.

"In addition, the conflict in Yemen represents a "cheap" and low-priced way for Iran to cause trouble for the United States and for our ally, Saudi Arabia", Mr. Trump said. All the while, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has been implicated in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, a USA resident and journalist critical of the regime.

President Donald Trump decided late Tuesday to continue America's complicity in the world's worst humanitarian crisis by vetoing the historic Yemen War Powers resolution.

No one was surprised by the veto - had Trump wanted to comply with the resolution, he could have withdrawn support to Saudi Arabia at any time.

President Trump just issued the second veto of his presidency to block Congress

"President Trump's assertion of support to the Arab Coalition in Yemen is a positive signal", Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said on Twitter early on Wednesday.

In his statement, however, Mr Trump stressed the need for "peace in Yemen".

Sen. Tim Kaine, Virginia Democrat, denounced Mr. Trump's veto, saying that it "shows the world he is determined to keep aiding a Saudi-backed war that has killed thousands of civilians and pushed millions more to the brink of starvation".

Kaine accused Trump of turning a blind eye to Khashoggi's killing and the jailing of women's rights activists in Saudi Arabia.

After the Senate passed the resolution last month, the White House argued it was flawed and would undermine the fight against extremism. The Norwegian Refugee Council said Wednesday that if Trump "was truly concerned about civilian life", he would "ensure that the US-supported Saudi-led coalition stop breaking the laws of war and depriving millions of Yemenis of life-saving assistance". McCaul said it was an abuse of the war powers resolution and predicted it could disrupt USA security cooperation agreements with more than 100 countries.

Trump issued his first veto last month on legislation related to immigration.

But Trump vetoed the measure on Wednesday with the Congress lacking the votes to override him.