Afghan boy’s dance of joy melts millions of hearts over the internet


He is amongst thousands of Afghan children who have been made victims of the deadly war and had received artificial limbs because of war injuries.

The boy, who was identified as Ahmed from Logar in Afghanistan, had lost his right leg after stepping on a landmine. He and his sister Salima were injured four years ago.

Ahmad Rahman, an Afghan boy who lost his right leg after getting caught in the crossfire of a battle, sits on a bench without his prosthetic leg at the International Committee of the Red Cross clinic in Kabul on May 7, 2019.

The little boy's joyful dance is warming hearts online.

Ahmad wanted to show off his leg to the staff and nurses at the hospital. The video of this merry little boy celebrating at the orthopaedic centre has gone viral on social media.

As The Post noted, more than 100,000 people have received artificial limbs at the Kabul center since 1988. Ahmed was overjoyed when he watched his video and beamed it again and again. "I am very happy to know that this is going everywhere".

The global forces have been venturing in the Afghan land for more than a decade now and have been air attacking with missiles, mortars and rockets in several civilian areas as well destructing the city and schools suspected as Taliban terrorist's hideout location.

"Before he was so small so he was not able to dance, now he is able to dance or run", she said.

The video shared first by Roya Musawi from Afghanistan, has been widely shared and viewed millions of times on social media platforms.