Mea cuppa! Emilia Clarke suggests she may have left Starbucks coffee


Who will win the game of buckets this season? George R.R. Martin probably could have saved millions of pages of paper had he just picked just two or three of Dany's sub-titles and stuck with it. "Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea". We've seen these darker tendencies beginning in Season 2, when she had her dragons murder the warlocks of the House of the Undying and locked Xaro (Nonso Anozie) in his vault. "Fire can not kill a dragon".

"Did I just stumble upon the truth here?! He was a bad brother, so I don't think anyone was crying when Viserys died, but..."

Fans on Twitter noticed in an old interview with ET when Clarke was asked about her thoughts with the final season. Her anger should have been exclusively directed at Cersei, not at those who had nothing to do with the tragedy she'd suffered and atrocities that had been committed against her.

Emilia wears wigs for the show in order to protect her real hair from chemical damage caused by hair dye.

Daenerys' history of violence and unbending focus on power actually makes her a lot like Cersei, the "tyrant" she was determined to overthrow. And as the camera pans to an upset Daenerys, GoT viewers spotted an out-of-place, modern-day disposable cup sitting on a table right in front of her. So I am going to go with. He commented twice. Once with a fire emoji and then with a red heart. Though it looked like snow falling, perhaps signifying winter, it was very well symbolizing the ash falling on and burying King's Landing and those there as a result of her actions.

Benioff added that Daenerys may never have become the Mad Queen if her journey to the Iron Throne had played out differently.

Meanwhile, production designer Hauke Richter told Variety that "things can get forgotten on set", and that the anachronistic coffee was getting "blown out of proportion [because] it has not happened with "Thrones" so far".