Nigel Farage: 'I will never, ever use the word manifesto'


"Elsewhere, latest opinion polls in the United Kingdom are indicating that support for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is soaring with the Opinium survey for the Observer newspaper indicating that the Brexit Party would take 34% of the vote in the May 23 European Parliament elections, compared with 21% for Labour and just 11% for the Conservatives".

He told the BBC's Andrew Marr programme the elections would be hard for the Conservatives and that "for some people this is the second referendum".

Brexit has dominated the news cycle ever since the European Union referendum in 2016, but despite its constant coverage, this poll revealed that a significant number of people did not know where each main party stood on the issue. Watch it live from midday.

For those, like me, who believe the EU is important, it is critical that we fill the European parliament with as many MEPs committed to Labour values as possible, and not let it be occupied by those who wish to divide and spread hatred.

According to the latest Opinium poll for the Observer newspaper, Farage's newly formed party is on 34% before the European election, with Labour in second place on 21% and the Conservatives back in fourth on 11%.

A cross-party Brexit deal will need to include a second referendum in order to receive the backing of Labour MPs, Sir Keir Starmer has said. She aims to get a divorce deal passed by parliament before the end of June.

The Brexit Party leader has tried, and failed, seven times to swap his seat in the European Parliament for one in the House of Commons.

Talks between Conservative ministers and Labour over leaving the European Union have been going on for a month with little sign of progress. "I think in most people's word association, manifesto equals lie".

Mr Farage (pictured earlier this year) brought the Brexit Party bus to Pontefract before a rally in Featherstone this morning.

He added: "We want that new leader to have a base on which he or she can build and if we find that we are getting under 15% of the vote, if we are coming fifth behind the Greens, then it will be harder for that figure to rebuild".

The shadow minister said that "probably 120 if not 150" of the party's 229 MPs could vote against the deal unless it was linked to a second referendum. "But the wait for tomorrow risks marginalisation - even oblivion".

But a Conservative source said there were now "definitely more than two wobbling" on the issue.