Biden Under Fire for Seeking "Middle Ground" on Climate Change Policies


Approximately 100 staffers about Vermont Sen.

Former Vice President and Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden surprised progressives across the country Thursday; saying the USA has an "obligation" to provide healthcare to everyone in the United States -including illegal immigrants. The article cited campaign aides saying that Biden's yet-to-be-unveiled plan is meant to appeal to environmentalists and blue collar workers alike. "On one hand, all the senators running for president co-sponsored it; on the other hand, Republicans have been foaming at the mouth to criticize it for all the insane provisions that they insist it contains", like bans on hamburgers and airplanes.

"I respect where they (activist groups) are coming from", Zichal said. "We know why it's happening, it's to create fear and concern", he added.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is surging away from his Democratic Primary opponents in SC, leading by a wide 31-percentage point margin that has grown 14 points in the past month, according to the latest Post and Courier-Change Research Poll.

As a senator and vice presidentBiden had been a ally of organized labor. Bernie Sanders' effort instills a union contract on Wednesday that comes with a provision offering staffers 20 paid days away. It's the first instance of such organization at a presidential campaign and comes after his 2016 bid confronted allegations of harassment and gender pay inequity among staffers. As CNN noted, the economy is the president's best issue tested in the new poll, with his other approval ratings all below 50%.

"It is good to understand those thoughts are there, but it can also feel like a political drama or move", she explained. "It feels like, especially for big names, it might just be a way to grab a headline rather than a real commitment to unionize". But he could face a tricky balancing act as he and labour voters court. The current federal minimum hourly wage remains at $7.25. Undoubtedly, the former vice-president of the United States will focus on social services, including health insurance, in the 2010 presidential election race.

"We are confident that the work environment, benefits and pay will meet the criteria a marriage would normally have to buy for", said Biden spokesman TJ Ducklo. The campaign is now offering health insurance.

Sanders is trailing behind at 18 percent, followed by South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 9 percent and Massachusetts Sen.

Sanders and Inslee on Friday criticized the measured approach that Biden may take. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) at 8 percent and Sen.