Constance Wu explains unhappy response to her sitcom renewal


When one user later congratulated her on the "great news" (i.e. Fresh Off the Boat's renewal), she responded, "No it's not".

Her star rose considerably in 2018 with the lead role in Crazy Rich Asians, a hit comedy about a NY economics professor who travels to Singapore with her boyfriend and learns he is absurdly wealthy.

Wu stars in "Fresh off the Boat" playing the mother in a Taiwanese-American family in Florida in the 1990s. But I do love and enjoy it.

- saf (@AdmiralAkward) May 12, 2019Constance Wu is apparently upset that her tv show, ABC's "Fresh off the Boat", just got renewed for a sixth season. Now, the Crazy Rich Asians lead has clarified her online meltdown.

But now, she's said her tweets came as the show's renewal meant she had to cancel another project she had been lined up for in favour of returning to the ABC comedy series. Who are any of us to judge her career moves. "I was disappointed in not being able to do that other project - because that other project would have challenged me as an artist". But her posts after the show's renewal brought out old references from past stars like David Caruso and Katherine Heigl who spoke out like this and were sent to actor jail.

"I've always sought artistic challenge over comfort and ease", said Wu in a lengthy message posted to Twitter.

"FOTB is a great show that I'm proud of and that I enjoy", she wrote. She said that she was having a "rough day" overall, and added that she is, "so grateful" that the show was renewed. For all the fans support, thank u & for all who support my casual use of the word f**k. Wu also took the time to thank the fans, cast, and crew of Fresh Off the Boat.

Now, Wu is responding to the backlash she has received over these negative tweets.

Constance was upset because the renewal of the series means she can't participate in an upcoming project. "I do regret that and it wasn't nice and I am sorry for that".

There is a second part to this Twitter drama: actress Gemma Chan claimed she accidentally liked a now-deleted tweet about Wu being hard to work with. Reps for ABC and 20th Television declined to comment.

"Believe women? You weren't sexually assaulted you were given a multimillion dollar contract extension", tweeted Hollywood Reporter senior writer Seth Abramovitch.