Italy explains refusal to recognize Venezuela's Guaido


While Washington is supporting the opposition and threatening to use "any options" to oust Maduro and restore democracy in the country - eventually including military intervention - Russian Federation backs Maduro's regime emphasizing the respect of the principles of sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs.

In January, Juan Guaido invoked the OPEC nation's constitution to assume an interim presidency, arguing President Nicolas Maduro's 2018 re-election was illegitimate.

The opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido has said he is considering asking for an worldwide military intervention in Venezuela.

He spoke a day after a Venezuelan court ordered Edgar Zambrano, vice president of Guaido's opposition-controlled National Assembly, to be held at a military facility.

The US, one of the dozens of Governments including the United Kingdom which recognised the leadership of Mr Guaido in January, condemned the arrest of Zambrano and issued a stark warning against Mr Maduro.

During a rally Saturday, Guaido said he asked his U.S. Ambassador to initiate communications on coordinating with the military.

"We live in dictatorship", Guaido said, urging his supporters to press forward in their campaign to oust his foe. While the Trump administration has said all options "are on the table", neighboring Latin American countries have repeatedly rejected the idea of military intervention by Washington, and there's no indication the preparing to send troops.

As he spoke with La Stampa, Guaido argued a USA military intervention in Venezuela was an option, claiming that after a failed coup attempt, the country's opposition would have "more opportunities because more people are joining Operation Liberty".

Venezuela's navy on Friday denounced what it said was an incursion by a US Coast Guard vessel into its exclusive economic zone.

Blanco and Zambrano are among 10 opposition lawmakers stripped of parliamentary immunity by the Supreme Court this week. Figuera's departure from the sanctions list is a USA effort to encourage Venezuelan leaders to break from Maduro.

Some 1,500 to 2,000 people filled a square in an opposition-friendly part of eastern Caracas to hear Guaido, but that was far fewer than the several thousands who took part in earlier protests.

Zambrano was arrested by Maduro's SEBIN intelligence service in dramatic circumstances on Wednesday for supporting the April 30 revolt organised by US-backed Guaido. "We stand ready!" the U.S. Southern Command tweeted. "We have no option to stay at home and wait, but we must continue to look for our rights on the streets", Guaido said.