Brexit Party 'to unveil full policies after European Union elections'


The independent member of the European Parliament went on to claim that the recent local elections, in which the Conservatives lost over 1,300 seats, were clear evidence that voters were abandoning the government, although the Labour party was also winning few friends over their allegedly "unclear" position on Brexit.

Enthusiasm in Britain for European parliamentary elections has traditionally not been high: in 2014, turnout in the United Kingdom was just 36%.

The collapse in support for the Conservative Party is piling pressure on British Prime Minister Theresa May to set a date for her departure.

"However, the risk of a forced leadership change or a cabinet fall persists and is likely to rise following the EP elections on 23 May, an important milestone in that sense".

The source stressed that both sides in the cross-party talks agreed that no Parliament can bind a future government and pointed out that most European Union trade deals have a six to 12 month exit clause.

The Reigate MP, 58, also said that Theresa May has to step down as party leader before the conference in the autumn.

A group of 13 former ministers and senior Tories has written to Mrs May, saying she will lose the "loyal middle" of her party if she strikes a deal with Labour. The poll also revealed that the United Kingdom opposition Labour Party was expected to receive 16 percent of the vote, while the Conservative Party only came fifth with 10 percent of support.

The reactions come just days after Brexit Party Leader, Nigel Farage, paid a visit to Hartlepool ahead of a rally held in the North East over the weekend.

Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, a longtime critic of the European Union, has shied away from committing to a second Brexit referendum - to the fury of a majority of his lawmakers, who believe a second vote on European Union membership would overturn the June 2016 plebiscite, in which a thin majority voted for Brexit.

"But the reality is that as long as a majority in the House of Commons is saying to the European Union we will not leave without your permission and we will not leave without a deal then the European Union has had no incentive".

"We've gone into this in really good faith, we've tried to put party politics to one side..."

The Green Party and Change UK both have visits from their lead candidates to the region this week as they turn their attention to Suffolk - and the Liberal Democrats have renewed goal after their strong showing in the local elections.