Three Dead in Passau, two in Wittingen - crossbow case is always mysterious


The relationship between the three victims - a man in his fifties and two women aged 30 and 33 - was not immediately clear.

German police are investigating the deaths of three people found in a German Bavarian hotel room with crossbow bolts in their bodies.

The bare facts of the narrative have been established. The man and 33-One year-aged lady had been found lying collectively in bed, whereas the younger lady became as soon as found lying on the floor. The man and the older woman are from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in southwestern Germany, while the younger woman was last registered as living in Wittingen in Lower Saxony, in the north of the country.

On Saturday, employees at a guesthouse in the city of Passau had discovered three bodies in a guest room.

The hotel is by the Ilz river near Passau, about 650km (400 miles) south of Wittingen. Police said Monday they had found a third, unused crossbow inside a bag. They later announced an unexpected discovery: the corpses of two other women were found in her apartment. Police have launched an investigation.

"At the moment there are no details about their identities or how and when they died", a spokesperson for the Gifthorn Police, who have taken over the investigation, told ABC News.

A forensic officer outside the apartment building in northern Germany, where the two fresh bodies were found.

Police said the town's prosecutor had ordered autopsies which aimed to ascertain the cause and circumstances of the deaths. The second woman was found in a pool of blood on the floor.

According to the German Shooting Sport and Archery Federation, there are no restrictions on anyone over the age of 18 acquiring a crossbow in Germany.