Hackers interrupt Israeli Eurovision webcast with faked explosions


However, Sylvan Adams, the Israeli-Canadian billionaire who will pay Madonna's fees, claims the artist is already en route to Israel for her performance.

Abusalama sings: "Madonna I know you're going to be annoyed, cause Eurovision's keeping you employed, but you should know by now about the BDS movement".

"It's an opportunity for propaganda and to market Israel as this cool, hip, multi-cultural European place, but actually it's an apartheid state and hosting it here is a political decision to overwrite the rights of the Palestinians", Shahaf Weisbein, the project coordinator for the Coalition of Women for Peace, told Al Jazeera.

The BDS - modelled after the South African anti-apartheid movement - was formed in 2005 by more than 200 Palestinian civil society organisations, urging non-violent pressure on Israel until it complies with global law.

"The pro-Israel lobby is exerting a lot of effort to make Eurovision 2019 a success", said Abu Ghosh.

PinkNews has reached out to Madonna's representative for comment.

The pop icon confirmed Tuesday she has rejected calls for her to boycott this year's Eurovision, saying she will "never stop playing music to suit someone's political agenda".

She added to Reuters: "My heart breaks every time I hear about the innocent lives that are lost in this region and the violence that is so often perpetuated to suit the political goals of people who benefit from this ancient conflict. I hope and pray that we will soon break free from this bad cycle of destruction and create a new path towards peace", the statement continued.

'We are negotiating now, in the final stage of that - but if there is no signed contract this week, she will not be on the stage'.

"Eurovision, the world's biggest music event, can not claim a message for unity while being held in Israeli apartheid".

"Israel's been flouting worldwide law, and human rights lie trampled on the floor".

After the 41-country competition kicked off on Tuesday with a first semi-final, Kan's webcast cut to animated satellite footage showing explosions in Tel Aviv set to a menacing soundtrack.

Madonna is not bowing to boycotts. She will reportedly receive $1 million for the performance.

The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) has targeted artists and broadcasters at Eurovision, urging them not to participate in the event.

Many artists continue to play Israel while condemning the ongoing bloodshed in the Israeli/Palestine conflict, including Nick Cave, who a year ago wrote an open letter calling "the cultural boycott of Israel... cowardly and shameful".

Israel is hosting the Eurovision contest after local singer Netta Barzilai won a year ago with her song "Toy".