ITV cancels The Jeremy Kyle Show


The show has aired on ITV since 2005 and is known for its heated discussions between guests who often insult each other about personal and family conflicts in front of studio audiences. Kyle has stayed silent but ITV made the drastic announcement it was scrapping his show hours after the Mail published a string of revelations. During the episode - which had not yet gone to air by the time he had passed away - he took a lie detector test which he failed. I just wanted to say sorry before I go. "He had gone on the show exclusively to clear his name (about allegedly cheating on Ms Callaghan) but he said it had gone wrong because of the lie detector test".

The episode featuring Mr Dymond and Ms Callaghan is said to have been filmed earlier this month.

Previous episodes of The Jeremy Kyle Show have also been removed from the ITV Hub.

And they should not have forced shut a show that was watched by millions on vague moral grounds, particularly as it became a quaint relic in a post-YouTube world where far more genuinely disturbing content is available in one search request.

UK Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee will look into whether shows give participants enough support during and after filming, and whether more regulation is needed.

Stay tuned for further updates on The Jeremy Kyle Show and the highly popular Love Island. ITV said has brought in a policy where it now makes regular checks in on participants.

Holly Willoughby has expressed her "shock" at the permanent cancellation of The Jeremy Kyle show following the death of a former guest.

Ofcom is also set to launch a review. It is the biggest program on the ITV channel in terms of viewership. Based on media trends, Kyle is likely to walk away with a pay-off equal to his £3million annual salary.

Meanwhile show's viewers have urged ITV to pull the show from air for good.

ITV has cancelled the daytime programme following the death of Steve Dymond.

British lawmakers announced Wednesday they will open an inquiry into reality TV after the death, as well as those of two former contestants on the "Love Island" show.

In light of the controversial circumstances, members of the public have been calling for the show to be cancelled over concerns for how participants are treated and a lack of aftercare for them following their appearances on the programme.

"You just saw him collapse to the ground, absolutely just couldn't believe what he'd heard", Babette Lucas-Marriott told the BBC. I don't think he broke anybody'.