Opko Health data breach affected 400,000 of its customers


"Such breaches make private, personal and financial information vulnerable to criminals, leading to potential identity theft and irreparable harm to their credit reports and financial futures", the senators wrote AMCA President Russell Fuchs.

Cory Booker and Bob Menendez, New Jersey Democrats, wrote the head of the American Medical Collection Agency in light of details emerging this week about a months-long data breach that compromised the personal information of approximately 12 million patients of Quest Diagnostics, a Seacucus-based blood testing provider that disclosed the incident in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing entered Monday.

Opko Health has not received a complete list of the affected customers and has not been able to verify the accuracy of the information AMCA provided, Reuters reports.

Quest Diagnostics DGX first revealed that around 11.9 million patients had their data stolen which was followed by an announcement from LabCorp LH who said it was also affected.

It is unclear if any payment information associated with Quest was impacted.

AMCA believes the breach included patients' personal information, such as financial data, Social Security numbers and medical information, but not lab test results.

AMCA said in an emailed statement it is investigating the incident and has also hired an external forensics firm.

LabCorp says they are in the process of sending out notices to about 200,000 patients whose credit card or bank account information may have been part of the breach.

According to the SEC filing, BioReference Laboratories Inc collection requests to AMCA were terminated since October 2018, and the company also said that do not wish to proceed with any open applications and asked them to be ceased as well.

State attorneys general and other state agencies will also be notified by AMCA regarding the data breach "as required by applicable state data breach laws".

The medical sector is one of the most targeted by cybercriminals, as harvested data is extremely useful: it can be sold on the dark web or used directly for fraud.