Trump and Biden duel in Iowa


A Des Moines Register-CNN-Mediacom poll published Saturday showed Biden favored in Iowa, followed by Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg.

Surprises often happen in the Iowa caucuses.

Iowa, which caucuses on February 3, takes pride in being president-makers, famously serving as the proving ground for underdog Democrats Jimmy Carter in 1976 and Barack Obama in 2008, as well as boosting long-shot candidates over the years ranging from Gary Hart (1984) to John Edwards (2004) to Sanders (2016).

Warren, who has established herself as one of the top 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, is as likely to be viewed favorably (46 percent) as unfavorably (46 percent) with the voters who know her best in the Suffolk University/Boston Globe survey. Biden has 60 per cent support from likely female voters while Trump only earned 34 percent in the poll conducted June 6-10.

Their separate appearances on Tuesday will offer voters an early glimpse at a potential general election matchup between the Democratic front-runner and Trump, who is seeking a second four-year term.

Biden's campaign has so far focused on states where he polls strongly against Trump, including his native Pennsylvania and the post-industrial "rust belt" where the president beat Hillary Clinton on his way to victory in the electoral college.

Biden's conclusion: "I believe Trump is an existential threat to America". "And it turns out, people of all generations are ready to see a new generation rise in American leadership", Buttigieg said.

Sanders is also often name-checked as one of the candidates with an extensive ground operation now in the works, and he remains the candidate closest to Biden in polling.

When you don't campaign, that's what happens.

Sanders went on to say it's Biden who has "a lot of explaining to do". Even in national polls - even the best, honest, and most accurate of polls - are only a "snapshot" of public opinion on the day the questions are asked.

For his part, Biden, who served eight years as former President Barack Obama's vice president, recently said he won't get in to a "mud wrestling match" with Trump. In 2016, Texas Senator Ted Cruz defeated eventual nominee Donald Trump in Iowa, but Trump came back the next week to defeat Cruz in New Hampshire and eventually defeat Cruz for the nomination. Both beat the most prominent black candidates, Sens.

Speaking in Iowa hours ahead of Donald Trump, Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden ripped the Republican president's trade policies, saying that farmers were being caught in the crossfire between the United States and China.