Five-year-old boy dies from Ebola in Uganda - health official


A five-year-old boy infected with the virus came to Uganda with his parents from the Democratic Republic of Congo on June 9.

This comes after one case of the Ebola virus was, Tuesday, confirmed in Uganda's western district of Kasese by the World Health Organisation. The boy's younger brother and grandmother are also sick, in a worrying sign of the disease's spread beyond the large outbreak in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Instead half of the family quietly crossed into Uganda, while five of those who remained have tested positive for Ebola since being taken to Beni, the health ministry said. The symptoms can be sudden and include fever, fatigue, muscle pain, headache, sore threat.

In a statement, the DRC Ministry of Health said the child and 14 family members arrived at the DRC border town of Kasindi where 12 of them were listed by health officials as symptomatic, stopped from entering Uganda and transferred to an isolation center at Kasindi Hospital.

Just days ago, the 5-year-old boy and his mother had traveled from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Uganda. Eight more contacts are being followed up, Aceng said.

The boy is said to have travelled across the border with his family from the DRC on Sunday. Uganda has previous experience managing Ebola outbreaks.

The average fatality rate from Ebola is around 50 percent, varying from 25 to 90 percent, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

The two patients whose blood samples tested positive for Ebola are relatives of the boy.

Almost 200 health facilities have been attacked in the DRC this year, forcing health workers to suspend or delay vaccinations and treatments. In all, there are almost 2,100 confirmed or probable cases there.

A WHO expert committee has been alerted for a possible meeting to discuss whether to declare the outbreak a global health emergency, a spokesperson for the body told The Associated Press news agency.

A 5-year-old Congolese boy was diagnosed with the virus in Uganda, the country's Ministry of Health and WHO said. WHO is shipping another 3,500 doses this week for health workers and contacts of those infected. Uganda has vaccinated almost 4,700 health workers, and WHO is shipping in another 3,500 vaccine doses this week for health workers and close contacts of those infected.

The Red Cross said it was scaling up efforts to contain the spread of the virus since it was detected in Uganda. "The ministry of health re-echoes its call on the general public to cooperate with immigration, health and security officials to ensure effective screening at all entry points to prevent further spread of Ebola to other parts of the country".

The government said there will be no restrictions on movement of people between the two countries.