Trump sending 1,000 more troops to Poland to counter Russian military activity


When Mr. Trump and Duda met in September, the leaders brought up the possibility of permanent US military bases in Poland, something Duda believes would help deter Russian influence in the region. The visit, Duda's second within a year, was ostensibly to deal with two issues: Poland's desire for an expanded USA military presence and the US's desire to sell natural gas to Poland.

Trump said the United States has upwards of 50,000 troops in Germany and said 2,000 of them could be sent to Poland.

Trump's warm relationship with Duda marks a stark contrast with how most European Union leaders have approached the Polish President.

President Donald Trump confirmed that the U.S. and Poland have signed a "joint declaration" to advance military cooperation, including buying F-35 fighters and United States liquefied natural gas, amid concerns about relations with Russian Federation.

The two leaders met before they plan to hold a signing ceremony and news conference. It includes just the addition of about 1,000 troops and a squadron of Reaper drones for intelligence purposes.

President Trump said America was "very interested" in the idea, but was reluctant to commit to a permanent facility - something that would likely prompt a response by Russian Federation. The additional US troops will be stationed at various Polish bases in the country.

With Duda's government purchasing some of the jets, Trump took Duda and their wives outside on Wednesday to see a single F-35 make a pass over the White House, zip around the Washington Monument and then head back to the South Lawn for a second pass. The service members will be added to an existing force of about 4,500 USA troops that rotate in and out of Poland.

"We'd be moving them from another location", Mr. Trump said, seated alongside Poland's President Andrzej Duda in the Oval Office.

President Trump said Wednesday that the United States might move 2,000 troops from German to Poland - but balked when asked if a new military facility in the Baltic nation should be called "Fort Trump".

Following the Russian annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014, the US has again been increasing military activity in Europe in concert with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies.

Eastern European nations have reached out to the US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation for greater protection, worrying that they might be the next target of Russia's military advance. US officials said the Reaper drones will be used to provide greater intelligence to Poland.