Watch the E3 2019 trailer for ‘Marvel’s Avengers,’ coming May 15th, 2020


It's been a long wait, but during Square Enix's E3 media briefing, we finally got our first look at Marvel's Avengers. A showcase later this week will feature the developers from Crystal Dynamics and the Marvel Games creative team talking about the game.

Marvel's Avengers might have debuted to a somewhat divided response, but there's no denying it possesses buttloads of promise. Five years later, the Avengers have to reassemble to fight back against evil. Many of its beloved heroes and anti-heroes appear across the Marvel films, including the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow.

Marvel's Avengers offers a completely new narrative that is totally disparate from the familiar Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Because of this unprecedented attack, the Avengers are disbanded and outlawed by the government.

The studio says the game will have four-player, online co-op play, and there will also be numerous games in this new series, with a multi-year arc planned for the narrative. The voice cast includes Nolan North as Tony Stark and Troy Baker as Bruce Banner. But on the evidence of the first trailer, we won't be getting carried away just yet.

Looks like we'll most likely be seeing more news about this game over the next couple of days.

A sneak peek of Hank Pym was revealed with a short teaser right at the end of the press conference.

It'll be playable at E3, and it's coming to Stadia as well as PS4, Xbox One and PC.

As well as an original story, the game will feature multiplayer components where players can customise heroes from the Marvel Comics roster and team up to protect the earth from new threats.

PlayStation users, however, will get early access to the Beta, which does not have a confirmed date yet and will also receive extra in-game items.