Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson Attend the 'Men in Black: International' NYC Premiere!


India particularly holds a special place in Chris' heart as he and wife Elsa Pataky named their eldest daughter after the country. He believes that the experience of shooting in India amidst thousands of people on the street was both exciting as well as intimidating.

Apart from his daughter India Rose, Hemsworth also shares two twin sons, Tristan and Sasha with wife Pataky.

Hemsworth was in India in 2018, shooting the upcoming Netflix thriller Dhaka in Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

While Sony was looking to capitalize on Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson's comedic relationship from Thor: Ragnarok, if the flick's Rotten Tomatoes score is anything to go by, it looks like another bomb.

We'll have our own review live on site this weekend, but until now, let's all remind ourselves how good the original was with this little clip.

Having had a close encounter with a runaway fuzzball in childhood, call-centre worker Molly (Tessa Thompson) knows different and has dedicated her life to discovering what the Men In Black are up to. "I have huge appreciation to that", he added.

The actor, while showing a willingness to work for B-Town, said, "I was talking to a few about that..." He has said he is open to returning as the character in future films.

The 35-year-old actress rocked a chic black minidress before changing into a pair of incredible sequined slacks with a white crop top while heading into the Today Show studios to chat all things Men in Black: International. The movie is slated to hit the screens on June 14.