Parents brawl on field during youth baseball game


A baseball game between 7-year-old children disintegrated into a fight between parents who became enraged over calls made by a 13-year-old umpire, authorities said.

LPD said the fight occurred shortly before noon at the baseball fields at Westgate Elementary.

Call by 13-year-old umpire sparks fight among parents; reaction and analysis on 'The Five'.

The brawl was still ongoing as Lakewood police arrived at the scene.

Around 20 adults were involved in the punch-up, which took place around the infield as other horrified parents watched on.

The heated verbal exchange between parents rapidly escalated into a massive fist-fight which was staged right on the field in front of the shocked kids who participated in the game. Lakewood police still need help identifying one of the adults involved and have released a video of the incident, which you can see at the top of this article.

Four people in Lakewood, Colo. were charged with disorderly conduct and fighting in public, in connection to a brawl at a youth baseball game.

Police told ABC News that a few minor injuries were reported and that one person had suffered serious bodily injuries. It literally doesn't matter who or what started the fight, either... there's no excuse for any of the very bad parents here, who all collectively let this thing escalate SO far beyond the line.

And the biggest idiot, since he was captured on video committing what appears to be full-scale assault at a youth baseball game in Lakewood this past weekend.

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