Cuomo signs law guaranteeing equal pay for USWNT


The soccer team won its second consecutive FIFA Women's World Cup when it beat the Netherlands 2-0 on Sunday during the match in France.

Thousands gathered in Manhattan Wednesday to celebrate the USA women's national soccer team's fourth World Cup championship at a ticker tape parade that stretched up Broadway and past Wall Street. The law will also forbid employers from asking prospective employees about their salary history, a statement on the governor's website explains.

"I received a letter from Coach Izzo-Brown highlighting her worries that women on the WVU Women's Soccer Team could one day make the USA women's team and not get paid the same as the men's team", Senator Manchin said in a statement.

On Wednesday, about a ton of confetti made from shredded paper was tossed from about 20 buildings with windows that can open - now a rarity in lower Manhattan, according to the Alliance of Downtown New York, the parade organizer.

"I just signed new pay equity legislation at the #USWNTParade", the tweet reads.

But the parade in New York's financial district was more than a tribute to a championship team, which has been involved in a well-publicized fight for equal pay with the US men's national team. "They're out there in the media and they're inspiring people, and that's what I feel like it's all about, so they definitely should get equal pay as a man". "Thank you @USWNT for helping lead this movement for change!"

"The U.S. Women's National Team is an inspiration", Collins said. They play the same game that the men's soccer players play.

Members of the US women's soccer team are waving from floats as fans cheer and wave back during a parade in New York City's Canyon of Heroes. After making it to the finals and then winning their fourth World Cup, players and fans reignited the fight for equal pay. The same chant could be heard during the ticker-tape parade in New York City on Wednesday.

Cuomo defended the women's soccer team, saying they deserve more than they received. "It's such a special place, and obviously for this to be our first stop back here when we get back to the States, it's incredible", she told CBS New York.

According to The Washington Post, which cited copies of both agreements, female us soccer players can sign contracts that provide an annual salary of $100,000 and additional bonuses for wins and ties.

Rapinoe, the outspoken star who won the awards for the tournament's best player and top scorer, also appeared on CNN and MSNBC later Tuesday. "You're excluding. Americans that maybe support you", she said.

"I'm going to sign a law today that says it's not just the right thing to do, it's not just the moral thing to do, it is also the law in the State of NY". I think he's on the right side of things. "We would much prefer to have a collaborative approach with FIFA, with the federation - how can we move this forward, how can we go to the next step, to create a world that is equal and fair for everyone?" The men's French team got $38 million for winning past year.