Melvin Gordon to hold out, request trade unless given new deal


The calm of mid-summer, that time in the National Football League calendar seemingly carved out for sightseeing and beach-laying, got jolted Thursday morning when Melvin Gordon kicked some sand on the Chargers.

Gordon reportedly received an extension offer from the Chargers that did not align with the contracts of other top running backs such as Le'Veon Bell and Todd Gurley.

Gordon is slated to earn $5.6 million in 2019, a team option in the final season of his five-year rookie deal.

Gordon's agent, Fletcher Smith, told ESPN that Gordon won't report to training camp and will demand a trade if he doesn't get a new contract. Gordon rushed for 885 yards last season on a career-high 5.1 yards per carry and tallied 14 total touchdowns.

In June, Gordon said he was looking for a new deal, sooner rather than later.

This is likely a small ripple in the AFC West pond given that the Chargers would be foolish to let Gordon walk. Gordon has proved himself an elite running back; since 2016, he has the second-most overall touchdowns from scrimmage with 38.

That said, it's hard to ignore the price (pun intended) of paying a running back. Gurley signed a new four-year, $60 million deal with the Rams in 2018. There's been little progress in contract talks with the Chargers, according to Smith, so he's going public with Gordon's stance.

All of these factors should combine to create the wrong place at the wrong time for any interest in a potential Dolphins trade for Melvin Gordon.