New Rumors Claim Apple to Launch Notchless iPhone in 2020


As per the report, Apple's contract manufacturer Wistron Corp's India arm, which began assembling iPhones in the country back in 2016, has become the first of Apple's contract makers to export iPhones from its facility in Bengaluru. Here's what you should know.

As far as when other iPhone models will go notch-less, the analyst gives a timeline of 2021. Instead, it appears that Apple is going to start slowly phasing out the physical housing for the TrueDepth camera. According to a reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, in a published, she says that at least one of the new iPhones planning to launch in 2020 will be slimming down their notch.

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The China Times followed up the report with insights from an analyst at investment firm Credit Suisse in Asia, who suggested that Apple would release an iPhone without a notch as soon as 2020 - but as a compromise, this device would come without Face ID authentication.

The 2020 iPhone might reduce the size of the notch.

Following a meeting with suppliers in Apple's Asian supply chain in May, Barclays also recently claimed that the 2020 iPhone models may feature acoustic fingerprint technology which will support full-screen Touch ID. It is a cornerstone of the Apple experience, but the whole Face ID module is rather large, so hiding it is an extremely hard task.

One of the casualties of dropping the notch would be the loss of Apple's Face ID, which provides quicker log-in than typical face recognition through a smartphone camera, but Apple is apparently looking to replace this with the in-screen fingerprint recognition that's common in new smartphones. That is something that we have serious doubts about as it would mean using two biometrical systems that double each other in function and will likely raise the already high prices of iPhones. It's even got a patent for such an approach to unlocking the iPhone.

Since there will be no notch, Apple will reportedly place the front camera under the display. Perhaps this will put an end to the battery strained iPhone user cliché? Earlier rumours about 2020 iPhones have indicated that a big change could be coming from Apple. But there could be a solution. Just look at recent Android flagships with under-display cameras. It's also not the first time analysts have suggested future iPhones could have fingerprint scanners built into their displays, as Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis made a similar prediction in May according to MacRumors.