IVF: Second couple sue after clinic 'uses wrong embryos'


"What Anni and Ashot discovered, much to their horror, was that their son had been stolen from them when he was still an embryo and implanted into a stranger that later became his birth mother", according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court against CHA.

"CHA robbed me of my ability to carry my own child, my baby boy", Anni Manukyan told a press conference.

- A NY couple who gave birth to twins in March after traveling to Los Angeles to undergo in vitro fertilization has filed a lawsuit against the clinic claiming that a mix-up resulted in them giving birth to another couple's children, which they then had to give up.

They chose to use two of their embryos and discard a third to try having a child through CHA in August 2018, the lawsuit says.

In March this year, the woman gave birth via cesarean section to two boys, "neither of which was of Asian descent", as the parents are.

The couple said the baby was nearly 2 weeks old when they learned of him.

Anni Manukyan herself was unsuccessfully impregnated twice and understands now that at least one of those embryos was not hers.

The IVF procedure failed to result in a pregnancy for the Manukyans, who believed their embryos had been lost. It is unclear who the second baby's parents are.

The shocked parents, who also have an older daughter, said they didn't even know that they had a son until after he was born on March 30.

They are now suing the clinic, with their attorney Adam Wolf calling their case "one of the worst embryo-related tragedies in United States history". "This is just a failure of epic proportions", he said.

"Anni and Ashot did not know of their son's existence until he was almost two weeks old".

"CHA [Fertility Clinic] put three families through a living hell, and our lives will never be the same".

A bungled IVF treatment - which led to a NY woman unknowingly giving birth to the babies of two couples who were complete strangers - has been branded the "worst embryo-related tragedies in history".

Months later, the knife was twisted: they were asked to come into the center for cheek swabs on April 11, which were passed off as a routine annual procedure.

The clinic has not responded to multiple requests from PEOPLE for comment.

All three couples were at the clinic on the same day in August 2018 to have embryos transferred.

While the Manukyans eventually won custody of one of the twins, they were "devastated that they never were able to experience the wonder of their son's childbirth", they said in the lawsuit filed against CHA Fertility on Wednesday. She met her son six weeks after his birth in a hotel lobby.

Anni and Ashot Manukyan's son was carried by a stranger in NY, after CHA Fertility Center mistakenly implanted their embryo, as well as the embryo of another couple, into the woman without anyone's knowledge. They were not allowed to know anything about their son, or the couple raising him, and the anxiety drove Anni to be hospitalized with a stress-related illness.

"IVF in the U.S.is a huge success story", Dr. Eric Widra, chief medical officer of fertility clinic Shady Grove Fertility, told INSIDER.