R.Kelly arrested on federal sex-trafficking charges


R&B singer R Kelly has been arrested on sex trafficking charges, according to American law officials.

The charges follow charges of 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse brought against Kelly in February and another 11 charges of sexual offenses brought against the singer in May.

He was arrested after the indictment was handed down earlier Thursday in federal court for the Northern District of IL. Kelly will appear in federal court in Brooklyn at a later date, the source said.

They surfaced shortly after a riveting docu-series called "Surviving R. Kelly", which includes testimony of physical and sexual abuse by the star from several women. It was also not immediately clear if any of these charges were related to any previous sex-related felony charges that have been leveled against the singer. Kelly reportedly made the two men force his victims into taking lie-detector tests in order to prove that they've handed over all sex tapes in their possession.

Joycelyn Savage, one of the girls, denied these claims and asked her parents, through a video shared with TMZ, to stop talking about her relationship with Kelly.

The Grammy victor, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, was arrested in February on 10 counts in IL of sexually abusing three girls and a woman.

He posted the $100,000 bail and left Chicago's Cook County Jail less than three days after he was arrested.

Those charges against Kelly stemmed from the alleged sexual abuse of Jerhonda Pace, then a minor, that she says took place in 2010.

According to Kelly's attorney Steve Greenberg via the Associated Press, the conduct Kelly is charged with in federal court "appears to largely be the same" as what he is charged with in state court. Kelly plead not guilty to these last month. The obstruction charges would likely be on different grounds, at least, which suggests that the US Attorney has a different set of charges. Those accused the singer of child pornography and obstructing justice. It is also expected to be unsealed and available to the public Friday morning.