Carjacker Beaten to Death After Stealing Car With Children Inside in Philadelphia


Police took both the father and mother into custody for questioning but, so far, neither has been charged.

Police say that they are continuing to investigate and are trying to track down the other males involved in the assault, reported CBS, which was captured by a nearby surveillance camera.

While she was inside, a 54-year-old man jumped into the auto and sped away. They pulled him out of the auto and he assaulted the father and tried to flee. She left the auto running as she went in to speak to the dad, and that's when a 54-year-old, apparent career criminal, identified by police as Eric Hood, stole the vehicle, speeding off with the kids inside.

The woman was visiting her boyfriend who worked at the pizzeria and left her Hyundai sedan, (pictured), running outside.

The parents, both aged 25, ran after the auto, which became stuck in traffic nearby.

The other men who jumped in the fight were not located. First responders arrived at the scene and took the vehicle thief to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival. Hood assaulted the father, then tried to flee-when a crowd of onlookers descended upon him.

"I'm not a fan of street justice", said Philadelphia Police Capt. Jason Smith at the press conference Friday.

The couple who were questioned by police are both aged 25.

The SUV was taken on the evening of July 5 while the mother made a delivery for "DoorDash", an online, on-demand food service, police said, according to local reports.