Scienza Vettel fights back, beats Verstappen to Singapore F1 pole
Author: 0 Vettel fights back, beats Verstappen to Singapore F1 pole

The venue's tight twists are expected to play to Ferrari and Red Bull's strengths but while the Milton Keynes-based squad shone on Friday, their Italian rivals were more inconspicuous. McLaren and Honda stole the spotlight from the championship battle early in the weekend before finally confirming news of their divorce on Friday.

Author: 0 Jose re-strengthens into Category 1 hurricane

A majority of the models keep the center of the storm over the ocean, including the major global models the GFS - the American forecast model - and the ECMWF - the European one. Download the Storm Shield Weather Radio App for your iPhone or Android device and get severe weather alerts wherever you are. While Tropical Storm Jose appears set to strengthen and track to the north, it's too soon to say what impact it could have on Long Island beyond the likes of high surf and risky rip ...

Scienza Hubble catches a glimpse WASP-12b, an nearly pitch-black exoplanet
Author: 0 Hubble catches a glimpse WASP-12b, an nearly pitch-black exoplanet

The exoplanet is classified as a " hot Jupiter " or 'roaster planet, ' a type of gas giant that has a very short orbital period of less than 10 days. The low albedo came as a surprise, Bell said . You can have planets like WASP-12b that are 4,600 degrees Fahrenheit and some that are 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, and they're both called hot Jupiters.

Author: 0 IPhone X chip shows problems of Imagination

This will likely not happen for the iPhone 8 . Doing so as long as you are with the iPhone X is OK but trusting every other device believing to be as secure as the iPhone X can prove costly. Sprint is offering contract-based iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus . The dual lenses are now stacked instead of side-by-side, and the telephoto lens has a wider ƒ/2.4 aperture.

Scienza NASA's $3.9bn Cassini spacecraft makes death plunge into Saturn
Author: 0 NASA's $3.9bn Cassini spacecraft makes death plunge into Saturn

Cassini's orbital tour designs will also serve as a practice run for the Europa Clipper mission. JPL designed, built, and managed the Cassini spacecraft for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington, DC. During its dive, its speed reached roughly 70,000 miles per hour, causing it to disintegrate like a meteor. The spacecraft's fateful dive was the final beat in the United States dollars 4 billion mission's Grand Finale, 22 weekly dives, which began in late April, through the gap ...

Scienza Hackers dumped Vevo's celebrity dossiers after a company rep questioned their skills
Author: 0 Hackers dumped Vevo's celebrity dossiers after a company rep questioned their skills

So, to prove its point, OurMine dumped all 3.1 terabytes of Vevo's data along with a message that the company was willing to remove the files if Vevo contacted them. In most cases, their sights are set on targets such as WikiLeaks, Buzzfeed, and various celebrity social media accounts, but in this case, OurMine have attacked Vevo with a greater vengeance.

Scienza Marcelo extends Real Madrid contract till 2022
Author: 0 Marcelo extends Real Madrid contract till 2022

Spanish and European champions Real Madrid began the campaign by winning the continental and Spanish Super Cups to firmly establish themselves as the country's dominant force, but their last two league results have brought them down to earth.

Scienza Did Apple Initially Intend To Put Touch ID On iPhone X?
Author: 0 Did Apple Initially Intend To Put Touch ID On iPhone X?

Still, the iPhone X's facial recognition system raises a number of interesting questions about the evolution and design of the iPhone X. First and foremost, is Face ID on the iPhone X an inferior solution in light of reports that Apple initially wanted to embed Touch ID into the display itself? If you squeeze the iPhone X it will stop people from stealing it, Apple has said.

Scienza Gareth Bale:
Author: 0 Gareth Bale: "The important thing is to get back to winning"

The Brazil global can boast three Champions League titles to his name, along with four La Liga crowns. The Brazilian International will be absent for Sunday's trip to Real Sociedad and the visit of Real Betis on September 20. The early season optimism created by that 5-1 Spanish Super Cup win over Barcelona has been drained away. "It will be hard, but I believe we are on the right track".

Scienza Dozens Of Nursing Homes Still Lack Power
Author: 0 Dozens Of Nursing Homes Still Lack Power

Four more died in hospitals after the sweltering facility was evacuated Wednesday morning in a chaotic blur of events that prompted checks of other nursing homes in the area. The nursing home eventually evacuated all of its patients Wednesday morning at the order of the responding crews. "We're going to be there". A statement from the nursing home confirmed that the facility had "prolonged power failure to the transformer which powered the facility's air conditioning system as a result ...

Author: 0 Additional details you need to know about the Face ID

The person then in possession of your iPhone X will have no way to unlock it and even if you are forced somehow to stare at the display it still won't unlock. And would Apple have caved if the court ruled in the FBI's favour? According to a report in Business Insider, the failure might have been due to the fact that the phone had just restarted, which meant a user would first need to enter a passcode to activate Face ID , just as would be required for Touch ID.

Author: 0 Fearmongering around Apple Face ID security announcement

With the button-and Touch ID with it-Apple moved to facial recognition for unlocking the phone and authorizing payments. It's also FIDO and iBeta certified. Also, users can opt for a sleeping mask that covers the eyes, and the site says that they are useful when sleeping. Franken has requested a reply from Apple latest by October 13th.

Author: 0 Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Are Selling Out

Apple copied OLED's edge-to-edge display from Android devices, including the Xiaomi Mi Mix and Samsung Galaxy S8. At the back, the iPhone X features a vertical dual-lens camera, rather than the horizontal layout of the 7 Plus. The feature "allows the display to adapt its brightness to its surroundings" and first appeared on the company's iPad Pro. Those looking to buy an iPhone 8 will get stereo speakers that are 25% louder than those in the iPhone 7, says Tech Radar , but it still ...

Author: 0 IPhone X: Face ID Works with Sunglasses

According to an email purportedly from Apple's Craig Federighi, there's a built-in safeguard for such an event . Prior to the Keynote Event , there had been numerous rumors that Apple would introduce a Touch ID feature for unlocking the phone.

Author: 0 IPhone X's Face ID can only remember one person at a time

On the face of it (sorry), Face ID is very secure, but because it only requires a view of your face to unlock, can somebody force you to unlock your iPhone X? The A11 Bionic chip's machine learning algorithms can also "learn" your face, recognising you even if you change your appearance, says Apple .

Scienza Marinas Warn Boat Owners Ahead of Tropical Storm Jose
Author: 0 Marinas Warn Boat Owners Ahead of Tropical Storm Jose

By Tuesday morning the storm center is forecast to be off the Mid Atlantic coast with the outer bands of rain moving into the coast of ME through the day. Hurricane Jose could whip up potentially unsafe surf conditions and exacerbate beach erosion from Hurricane Irma . Starting Sunday the area can expect to be seeing a high risk of rip currents at ocean beaches, with high surf and possible wash overs and beach erosion.

Author: 0 Apple iPhone X reportedly supports one FaceID per device

Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering, responded with a couple of ways to mitigate forced Face ID unlocks. "It's a frightful thought, but if a phone was stolen someone may also be able to access the phone by holding the screen up to the owner's face", said Nicky Danino, principal lecturer in computing at the University of Central Lancashire.

Scienza Taiwan's Formosa may shut port as typhoon approaches
Author: 0 Taiwan's Formosa may shut port as typhoon approaches

The authorities in Taiwan issued a maritime warning and airlines cancelled some flights on Wednesday as the island braced for Talim, which was expected to hit northern cities, including Taipei, and had the potential to become a super typhoon.

Scienza Microsoft offers improved cloud computing security
Author: 0 Microsoft offers improved cloud computing security

To coincide with the announcement of Azure confidential computing, Microsoft is also announcing the extension of its Always Encrypted functionality by implementing the underlying technology in the Coco Framework in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server, thus providing the encryption of data in use.

Author: 0 USA operators open pre-sales for new Apple smartphones, smartwatch

They also have a revamped camera and faster internal chips. On September 12, the US ( SPY ) technology ( QQQ ) giant Apple ( AAPL ) unveiled the iPhone X at its annual event. The iPhone 8 is not as high-end as the new iPhone X , but it has its own charm. Matt Williams, Vodafone consumer director, says the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the flawless partners for New Zealand's leading mobile network.

Scienza Illinois Attorney General won't seek re-election in 2018
Author: 0 Illinois Attorney General won't seek re-election in 2018

Her announcement reversed previous public statements that she would run again in 2018. Madigan announced Friday she won't seek a fifth term in 2018. The attorney general's announcement came with little warning and quickly consumed IL politics. "I'm going to think long and hard", Franks said. First elected in 2003, AG Madigan became the first Illinois Attorney General in over 25 years to "personally argue a case before the U.S.